About Total Site Solutions

Total Site Solutions is South Africa’s leading shot blasting and UHP Water Jetting Rental solutions company. Founded in 2008 , Total Site Solutions has over 30 years of combined surface preparation experience. With one million square meters of concrete and steel blasted to date, and a comprehensive fleet of water jetting equipment at its disposal, Total Site Solutions can offer vast experience in surface preparation.

Vision Statement

To be Southern Africa's leading Shot Blasting and UHP Water Jetting Rental Solutions provider by offering innovative and environmental responsible technologies.


Water Jetting Rentals
Water Jetting or Water Blasting is a highly efficient means of removing debris, paint, dirt and other substances from most surfaces. Total Site Solutions has a comprehensive rental fleet and HP (1000 BAR) and UHP (2800 BAR) water jetting pumps all powered by Jetstream. Our affiliation with Total Blasting and other international leading water jetting solution providers gives us the edge in supplying the right experience for the job!

Shotblasting is a very efficient, dust free means of surface preparation for use on steel or concrete. Using state of the art Total Site Solutions Shotblasters, steel shot is circulated at high velocity on the substrate provide the required finish by our customers.

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